What is Truth?
You may wonder like Pilate, “What is truth?” -JOHN 18:38. Why did Jesus Christ say we shall know the truth and it shall make us free? – JOHN 8:32. What Truth is He talking about? You may ask. The Truth, He is talking about is actually Himself -JOHN 14:6. Knowing this Truth, is to be made free from “falsehood” which is one word for all the lies of satan, whom Jesus Christ calls the father of all lies.
Now, to answer the question, What is Truth? Jesus Himself has provided the answer for all Christians, and so there is no cloak for their sin any more. And the answer is found in the book of JOHN 17:17 “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy WORD is TRUTH”. To sanctify means to be free from sin or evil, to make sacred or holy, or to set-apart for a sacred use. And whatever will make one holy or pure, must first be pure and clean, without dirt and without any pollution. By this definition given by Jesus Christ, the Truth, therefore, is the clean, pure, and undiluted word of God that makes us free from sin and evil, and which makes us holy.
This is the primary and sole reason for this website cgcthetruthcentre.com. The Spirit of Truth, by himself guides us into all Truth as Jesus Christ spoke of Him in JOHN 16:13. But, this is the truth. It is only given to a privileged few, who have found grace in the sight of God to understand through the Holy Spirit these deep things hidden inside the Bible. So our prayer for all those who visit this site is that they should be among these ‘privileged few’. Amen.