In this life there are only two ways before a man: God’s own way and Man’s own way! “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways”, saith the Lord – Isaiah 55:8. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are the ways of God higher than the ways of man -Verse 9. Man will always think his way is right, whereas the end thereof, are the ways of death – Proverbs 14: 12.
This means that every way of man leads to spiritual death and can even lead to physical death. For example, a man called Elimelech in the Bible relocated from his country with his entire family because of the famine in Bethlehem at that time. He went to the land of Moab, a heathen nation, to sojourn there.
Unfortunately, Elimelech and his two sons died in the land of Moab because he chose the way, that seemed right unto him. Most of the storms believers in Christ are experiencing to-day are simply because they chose the way, that seemed right unto them, rather than seeking the face of the Lord, to show them the right way in life.
It is therefore very important to acknowledge God in all our ways, so that He can direct our paths or ways in this life – Proverbs 3:6. In Jeremiah 10:23, it is written “The way of man, is not in himself, it is not in man that walketh to direct his way.” It is only God that knows the way that is good for man in this life, if only man will bother to seek Him. And the Holy Spirit will surely speak, showing them the right way: “AND THINE EARS SHALL HEAR A WORD BEHIND THEE, SAYING, THIS IS THE WAY, WALK YE IN IT, WHEN YE TURN TO THE RIGHT HAND, AND WHEN YE TURN TO THE LEFT.” – Isaiah 30:21.
The way of the wicked, is directed by the devil, whose mission in one’s life is to kill spiritually, to steal God’s blessings, and to destroy the souls of men. The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God. God is not in his thoughts, let alone, asking God to show him the way to go in life.
The ways of the wicked are always grievous, and God’s judgments are far out of their sight. The wicked will always say in his heart, God hath forgotten all his wickedness, and that God has hidden His face, and does not see his wicked ways – Psalm 10.
The Lord God is pleading with the wicked, to forsake his wicked ways and his unrighteous thoughts, and then return unto Him, so that He will have mercy upon him – Isaiah 55:7. The way of the wicked, and of the ungodly, and the way of those who are stubborn to the word of truth, leads to eternal condemnation in hell, if no genuine repentance before death.

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